The Dew of the Sea Dhow experience in Watamu, from 1999 Per Person!

Marine Park Road Kilifi Wilaya ya Kilifi

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The Dew of the Sea Experience in Watamu: Enjoy an unforgettable, magical and Intimate sail na squad in this new dhow  in Watamu from 1999 per person.

You can sail during the day from as early as 8am or catch the sunset from 4pm everyday

You’ll be in the company of experienced captains and Chef Bakari, who made the mouth watering swahili & sea food dishes captured on this post. It’s exclusive na pia affordable👌🏽 This is a must try!

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Dhow Features:
✔️Experienced crew
✔️Snorkeling (day cruise)
✔️A tour of Mida Creek
✔️Meals (Extra 700 per person)
✔️Activities in Watamu

Rate Breakdown: Day Sail (8am/10am-3pm) - per person:
✔️2 people = 3,799
✔️3 people = 3599
✔️4 people = 3499
✔️5-16 people = 2999

Rate Breakdown: Sunset Sail (4pm-7pm) - per person:
✔️2 people = 2799
✔️3 people = 2599
✔️4 people = 2499
✔️5-16 people = 1999