Race at the Whistling Morans, Athi

Athi River Machakos County KE

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About Whistling Morans(From their website)

Karting is the safest, cheapest and, arguably, the best avenue into motorsports for those with the desire to compete, yet lacking the financial means to get into a top-tier series. Sadly, it’s also a dizzying sea of classes, chassis, engines, tyres, tracks, rules, and affiliations, some of which are tightly controlled by global organizing bodies. So finding the right guidance in and getting the most for your money can be tough. That’s where Whistling Morans comes in.

Whistling Morans is taking karting to a new level in Kenya, We shall tell you where to start, how much you shall need to budget for, where you can save some money, and where you should take a deep breath and hand over that credit card.