Nyawira's group: A baby boy just got healthy, we need a trip to celebrate & unwind

Written on 10/02/2020

We graduated from school in November 2019 and we haven't had so much time to catch up and have fun together due to daily hustles and so much more. One of us was blessed with a bouncing baby boy about 1 year now and he was born with a liver disease. He was in and out of hospital in the first five months since he was born. This really tore us because we had to support our friend in all ways being that she was a single mum and no job at the time. It has really drained us emotionally and financially. Fortunately the baby is now healed but even if we were to plan for a girls out like before, she can't make it because she is still struggling financially. The reason I have taken part in this challenge is to try my luck and see if I can win this to give her a day out of her normal life and remember that she is still worthy and she has friends she can count on. I hope this wins so that we can treat and spoil this #youngmama. Thank you vamoshomes