Julliet's Group: We're not just friends, we are sisters! 6 years and counting.

Written on 09/30/2020

Hello Vamos homes Family.
My name is Juliet.
Kindly meet my girls squad of six beautiful women.
We've been together for the last six years. We've become more than friends.. We're Sisters.
I can count on them at any given time..I can call them and pour my heart to them and they'll listen without judging me. They're honest and generous. They have big hearts. We've so far organized several Charity events with them locally and they turn out to be a great success. They're beautiful inside and out. We've been planning for the longest time to go for a vacation but we've not been able to save enough yet.
I kindly request you on their behalf to Grant us this opportunity of spending some quality time together away from our daily norms.
It will be a blessing to us 🙏🙏
Thank you so much in advance.

Be blessed.


Juliet Camollah