Vieliz's team's touching story, more than a squad!

Written on 09/29/2020

I would describe what we have as a team rather than a group.Hazel has been bed ridden since March,but she's well now,Suke is feeling overwhelmed by her work and growing family and deserves a break,Brenda is getting out of a depression and this would be a good reflection moment,Cindy is a student doctor(this is reason enough honestly😂),she lost her part time job that was sustaining her,Julie needs a break she's just been through a lot & I took a different career path that is taking a toll on me and a 3-day trip with my girls would really lift our spirits.The short video above shows the few of the many moments we've decided kuficha shida chini ya carpet and enjoy😜it would be wonderful if you crowned this year for us with this trip.