I miss my Girls, we need to e linked asap!

Written on 09/29/2020

my girl's I'd rather call them family, these girls we met way back in primary school in nursery I kid you not 🙈... a friendship that has lasted for fifteen years now. the last time we met was immediately after we were through with high school to celebrate our results. it's three years now and we've been planning to reunite but get caught up by school work and family issues, needless to say covid-19!!! I'm still hoping the year won't end without us seeing each other. I really love these five ladies... I would love to meet them again cause these five add life to my years, they bring out the best in me and it's always fun with them around 🙌 it's with them that I laugh the hardest and forget to check the time ever... I just said this and started missing them. conference calling them ASAP ❤️

our differences is what's amazing about us. each one is talented differently (the singer, the writer, the artist, the dancer, the athlete, the comedian) we are pursuing courses in very different fields I mean from the one in engineering to the one in art school. with different characters some are calm and collected others extremely extroverted. with different opinions, different ambitions in life ... yet when were together we feel whole.

it'll be a nice treat especially after completing the semester online... I believe in work hard and play harder 😊