Ivert & Her squad, supporting each other is key!

Written on 09/29/2020

As girls/women we always have a lot of issues going on and I'm glad that in my squad I found a family sisters I could always rely on always supporting each other correcting our wrongs without judging you know we sometimes even wonder how we became so close yet have different personalities but I'm glad to have them...if we win this it would be the perfect reunion for us we have spent so much time apart due to the pandemic.

we deserve this because going on a vacation with you guys has always been our dream so winning this would be a dream come true for us

We are in our final year,,and we've always wanted to go on a vacationt with you guys,and this would be so memorable for us plus most of our birthdays are around the corner...it would be such a great deal if we win... we've been through alot together always having each other's backs and we were almost always together so it's been tough having to not see them due to the pandemic.. a reunion would probably be the best thing for us right now after not being able to be together for months