Silver & her squad have been through a lot together, they need a break!

Written on 09/29/2020

We are group of 5 single mums in the coast.. One of us left (fatal balcony accident yvonne). so we are five now in the picture we are three .I have two kids a boy n a girl turning one on 30th sept 😊 .Maggy has two girls .Aisha has one boy.Catherine has one boy. Sheila has two girls.Three of us are gardeners  is an we plant garden plants and indoor plants,we are making concrete pots too.One is in to acting and another is in to Agribuisness.We all have our different stories our ups and downs specifically the reason why we are raising our kids on our own but as a group we are one .We never lack we all met after high school and ever since we have never broken up. This girl trip will mean alot to us because sincerely speaking we have never had one.This would really mean so much to us atleast to take a break from all the hardwork and just relax. 😊 We have a self help group too and i have recruited other single mums in the community .I am the only one in the group who knows about this so if we win it will really be a suprise to the rest something worth remembering for life . I am crossing my fingers .