Maureen's Girls: Stronger together, in these hard times and beyond

Written on 09/29/2020

Hello, My name is Maureen. The above pic is my squad, we are 8 girls (2 were extra so that we could fill up the vans, we were at the Nairobi National Park). This trip we kept on postponing because of finances☹️Iss hard out here, weeuh🤧😅 ¾ of the group members are young mums. So we were trying to have atleast a holiday so as to unwind and have a breather (away from babies and husbands) atleast yo have that 'me' time. Also away from school and those who are working and the one who lost her job😪 Most of us having been trying to save up so that we can have a small holiday, but with this Covid19 era, its been so hard😭😭. We have been trying since July till now🥺, and some opted out because of finances. And this will be a good opportunity for some of us who have never been to Coast😓😩And it will be a nice suprise for all the girls. Thank you, MaureenK